Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew Letters by James M. Lindenberger PDF

By James M. Lindenberger

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This ebook offers an updated translation of seventy-nine letters and fragments, almost the full corpus of surviving letters in Aramaic and Hebrew right down to the time of Alexander, omitting in basic terms the main fragmentary and the main formulaic. This contains the correspondence from historical Jewish writers at Yavneh-Yam (7th Century), Arad and Lachish (6th), and Elephantine (5th). There also are administrative letters from Persian bureaucrats, deepest advertisement and relations correspondence from Egypt, and different scattered letters from Assyria, Egypt, Philistia, and Idumaea. additionally integrated are brief notes in Edomite, Ammonite, and Phoenician (one in every one language). The revised version is supplemented through an extra 9 texts, a few of them released very lately, no longer present in the 1994 variation. Translations at the moment are supplied with line numbers, and a few were superior within the mild of contemporary experiences. each one letter looks along the unique textual content in sq. script. short introductions set every one workforce of letters into its old and social context. The association inside of every one language crew is approximately chronological.

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Ktr‚mh yz ? . dw¿• w? . ¿ l albd / tybb a‚lb ‚ ‚d‚ t‚y_b‚ y_z_ ˜dw• ? . . . . ¿ ta 21 22 1 Aramaic Diplomatic-Military Correspondence To my brother Pir-amurri from your brother Bel-etir: Greetings [ . . ] . [You have not written to me since] 2you were with me in Babylonia. I and Arbayya and [ . . went to Bit-3Amukkani. Then] you [left] Uruk with Ger-sapun and . . b [ . . ] . 4 I [was chasing defectorsc in] Bit-Amukkani. There were four of them. They had in their possession a letter from the king of Babylon (Shamashshum-ukin) 5and were trying to stir up a rebellion in Bit-Amukkani.

L• tmjnm ˆymaˆ µl• hnz hrps tjl• 4 [m•ywhy 6 ? . . . . . . ma la¿ 7 5 B 1 To my mother Yahuyishma from your son Shallum. [I send] you greetings and best wishes for your good health. 2 Galgul is well here. Greetings to the children. That [ . . ] 3of mine, give it to Pakhnum son of Nabudelah so he can make [ . . ] . [ . . ] 4they will sue him. If there is any money, give it to him. ]. 5 I am writing to [greet you]. Greetings to my mother Menahemet, [to . . and to] 6Yahuyishma.

18[ . . ). 19 As for Nabu-zer-ushabshi and [ . . ] : I will be sending you my report. Are you really in such a god-awful rage at me that [ . . ] ? 20Why are you so angry at me? Now [ . . ] 1. Ashur Ostracon (Berlin, St. Mus. VA 8384) When you see [ . . ] , we sent [ . . ] Bit-Dibla. 23 21 at Bit-Dibla [ . . ] -shum-iddina of Appeal to Pharaoh for Military Aid 2. Adon Papyrus (Cairo, Eg. Mus. J. 86984 = 3483) (Saqqara, ca. alyj . . . . . . . . ¿ yz_ ˜ymr‚ ˜ym• ymwyk h[rp 3 ? . .

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