Anatoly Karpov: My 300 best games by Anatoly Karpov PDF

By Anatoly Karpov

ISBN-10: 9984922901

ISBN-13: 9789984922904

Author's preface: ''I have performed an important volume of match and fit video games in the course of my lengthy chess occupation, approximately 2,500 altogether. From these video games, i've got chosen in basic terms 300 for this ebook, - the video games I contemplate my top and so much instructive ones.

My target was once to symbolize my most beneficial inventive achievements of the thirty years that experience handed, from 1966 until 1996. the choice was once subordinated to the next 3 standards: powerful opponent, annoying struggle, and instructive price. for this reason this choice of video games will be handled additionally as a contemporary chess guideline ebook, as the video games have been performed in most cases within the most powerful occasions of the final thirty years.

Under one of these strict choice process, many fascinating and instructive video games in addition to easily appealing fragments may have unavoidably been lacking during this ebook, if the video games were incorporated into it simply completely. accordingly, the ultimate bankruptcy incorporates a variety of my most sensible mixtures and finals that are crucial for reaching the abovementioned aim; with no them, this paintings could were incomplete.

I nonetheless play much and nonetheless in attaining match successes, so it'd be untimely to just accept this e-book as my ultimate account. I clearly desire to play a couple of strong video games in upcoming occasions and to elevate my very own account of event triumphs (I have over one hundred forty of them lately - greater than any participant in chess history). despite the fact that, such a lot of chessfriends had expressed their wish to have this booklet without delay that i made a decision to organize this type of an intermediate file on my 30 years in chess. allow examining this paintings deliver you excitement and increase your realizing of chess internal common sense, intensity and beauty.''

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Schlosser - Khalifman, Germany 1997 , and in case of 11. 'tf'ia4! threat­ ening with �d3-a6, and the defencive advance 12 . . a5 fol­ lowed by 13. cxb6 lb xb6 14. 'tf'ib3 'tf'ib7 in Lputian - Ye Rongguang, B eijing 1991, could have been questioned by 15. ±) 11. g6 12. 0-0 �g7 13. �xf5 gxffi (after 13. . exf5 White launches an at- 1. tb{3 tack on the enemy forces in the centre by 14 . tfS 15 . txfS tbxfS 1 6 . f3 tbe6 1 7 . e4 ! tbe2 b6 ( after 1 4 . . tbf6 ? 1 5 . f3 tbh5 1 6 . tfS 1 7 . e4 !

E2 ltJd7=). After 7. . dxe4 (7 ... xe4 B. ltJxe4 dxe4 9. ltJ e5! ( B. c4 is much weaker, and after B. . exf3 9. xf7 wdB 10. gxf3 W c7°o the position was mutuall y sharp in Krause - C arl, Schleswig Hol­ stein 1994) B. . e6 9. xc4 10. �xc4 �e6 (after 10 . . �c7 11. ltJxe4t White's initiative is quite dangerous) 11. ; White has a slightly better pawn structure. c3a) 5 . . f4! White utilizes the tactical pe­ culiarities of the position to de­ velop his initiative. He should not exchange pawns as after 6.

Txe7 �xe7 14. tg5 tUbd5 11. te2 tUe4= the play is equal, as pointed out by R. Huebner) 10. tUbd5? tUxd5 exd5 12 . txd3 13. txc7+-, and for 10. . c5 R. a3 tUc6 12. tg5 tUbd5 (as result of the exchange made on the s eventh move, the position of Black's knight on c6 has im­ proved noticeably) 12. �b3 tUe4 (also Black can resort to 12.. tUb6 13. te2 h6= or 12. tUxc3 13. bxc3 tUe4 14. txe7 �xe7 15. te2 c5= as s hown by R. Huebner) 13 . txe7 �xe7 14. txe4 15. fdB 17. te2 a5 (preparing lB. . a3 a4 19.

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