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By Professor Ineke Sluiter, Ralph M Rosen

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How do humans reply to and evaluation their sensory studies of the traditional and man-made international? What does it suggest to talk of the ‘value’ of aesthetic phenomena? And in comparing human arts and artifacts, what are the factors for achievement or failure?

The 6th in a sequence exploring ‘ancient values’, this booklet investigates from a number of views aesthetic worth in classical antiquity. The essays discover not just the evaluative ideas and phrases utilized to the humanities, but additionally the social and cultural ideologies of aesthetic price itself. Seventeen chapters diversity from the ‘life with out the Muses’ to ‘the Sublime’, and from philosophical perspectives to middle-brow and well known aesthetics.

Aesthetic price in classical antiquity might be of curiosity to classicists, cultural and paintings historians, and philosophers.

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We might equivalently posit for Plato’s (unlike Aristophanes’) Socrates the view that ‘a life without mousikê is not worth living’. But in his case, there seems more uncertainty about just what kind of mousikê it is which human life requires. In the previous sections of this chapter I used selective evidence from Euripidean and Aristophanic theater to explore some of the ways in which problems of amousia form points of interference within the workings of Athenian/Greek cultural values and thereby draw attention to part of what 59 Although this may be a Pythagorean idea, the reason for supposing it to be such in Burnet 1911, 17 does not meet the point: Aristoxenus fr.

53 It also carries echoes of the reputation of Themistocles, to whom Cleon compares himself at Knights 812 (cf. 884). 54 We can detect here the kind of polarization to which debates about the lifevalue of, in the widest sense, mousikê were susceptible. Themistocles and Cleon represent in the political sphere the kind of stance adopted by the mythological Zethus in Euripides’ Antiope (section 2 above). g. Ar. Pax 928, Pl. Tht. 166c, with Taillardat 1965, 254–255. Beta 2004, 88 compares ‘stupid, pig-stylish talk’ (λόγος … ἀµαθὴς συοβαύβαλος) in Cratinus fr.

Thesm. 50, 57, 62). Moreover, his resort to Aeschylean drama as a weapon of mockery against Agathon might be thought to activate a sense of historical changes in the style and ethos of tragedy: implicitly ‘masculine’ Aeschylus is pitted against the soft ‘effeminacy’ of modern Agathon—a clash of poetic qualities partly akin to the antinomies used to structure the contest of tragedians in Frogs and prefigured as early as Clouds in the dispute about poetry between father and son reported at 1364–1378.

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