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By Naomi Seidman

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With remarkably unique formulations, Naomi Seidman examines the ways in which Hebrew, the Holy Tongue, and Yiddish, the vernacular language of Ashkenazic Jews, got here to symbolize the masculine and female faces, respectively, of Ashkenazic Jewish tradition. Her subtle historical past is the 1st book-length exploration of the sexual politics underlying the "marriage" of Hebrew and Yiddish, and it has profound implications for figuring out the centrality of language offerings and ideologies within the building of contemporary Jewish identity.Seidman rather examines this sexual-linguistic procedure because it formed the paintings of 2 bilingual authors, S.Y. Abramovitsh, the "grand-father" of recent Hebrew and Yiddish literature; and Dvora Baron, the 1st sleek lady author in Hebrew (and a author in Yiddish as well). She additionally presents an research of the jobs that Hebrew "masculinity" and Yiddish "femininity" performed within the Hebrew-Yiddish language wars, the divorce that eventually ended the wedding among the languages.Theorists have lengthy debated the position of mom and dad within the kid's courting to language. Seidman offers the Ashkenazic case as an illuminating instance of a society within which "mother tongue" and "father tongue" are in actual fact differentiated. Her paintings speaks to big concerns in modern scholarship, together with the psychoanalysis of language acquisition, the feminist critique of Zionism, and the nexus of women's reports and Yiddish literary heritage.

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I . { r::'; sr;;;•) K ,jCR! ') lifO! ,tc"': ,C"'P, :'\": : C'~ ' tc Bialik's choice of Hebrew over the Yiddish in which he composed some of his earlier verse (see fig. " Bialik, in waistcoat and tails, is the image of bourgeois respectability. The street drama is designed to create the maximum amount of sympathy for the young mother. She isn't trying to create a scene, the cartoonist implies; Yiddish holds her son back, and attempts to placate the annoyed and snobbish Hebrew. "No, It's a Legitimate [or "right") Love Affair," the cartoon is entitled.

But from the point of view of the Ashkenazic child being introduced into the Hebrew-Yiddish system, the languages were embodied in the mother and father. Thus relations between the languages could take on all the psychological complexity of a family drama; to put it otherwise, the Hebrew-Yiddish system was a family affair. The masculine narrative of Hebrew-Yiddish development, as told in memoirs and historical narratives, goes roughly like this: from his mother's presence, as well as her language, her stories, and her texts, the young male child moved to an exclusively male world in which he was introduced to Hebrew, Aramaic, and the religious patrilineage.

My heart is breaking too ... nevertheless she's a noblewoman . but my child! love! a young heart . young blood-don't take notice ... it rages ... fire and flame ... torches! you are mine ... come! we will ride in the chariots of time ... we will spin gold and silver ... we will build palaces of marble- come! This cartoon shows Peretz moving from Hebrew to Yiddish, the reverse of Bialik's abandonment of Yiddish for Hebrew. " Peretz's turning to folk or popular motifs in his writing, the cartoonist implies, is equivalent to his turning from the elitism of Hebrew to a love for the Jewish folk.

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