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This e-book indicates how bubonic plague and smallpox helped finish the Hittite Empire, the Bronze Age within the close to East and later the Carthaginian Empire. The publication will research the entire attainable infectious illnesses found in precedent days and exhibit that lifestyles was once a regular fight for survival both averting or combating opposed to those infectious ailment epidemics. The publication will argue that infectious disorder epidemics are a serious hyperlink within the chain of causation for the death of such a lot civilizations within the old global and that historic historians may still not forget about them, as is presently the case.

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The Hittite Empire ended around 1200 BCE and was part of the catastrophe that was the end of the Bronze Age, which lasted from approximately 1200 BCE until 1150 BCE. The current consensus theory for the fall of the Hittite Empire was a combination of three main things: first famine; second rivalry between King Suppiluliuma II, the last Hittite king who came to the throne in 1205 BCE, and a relative leading to civil war; and third a general weakening of the central control of the empire so that distant vassal states began to revolt leading to final invasion by outsiders such as the Kaska people.

The subject matter of the paintings also changed. During the early part of Amenhotep’s reign tomb painting featured traditional happy scenes such as fishing, fowling and large banquets with extended family. Later in his reign this changed to more serious and spiritualistic images with images of the king, limited family members and mourning scenes. There were also fewer animals depicted because they may have been banished for fear they caused the disease. 20 Kozloff provides a further example of the deterioration of artisan standards, this time in sculptural masons: After an eight-year total lapse in the written record of Amenhotep III’s reign, the first text to appear is the year 20 record of the promotion of a temple official, Nebnefer, which occurred in the presence of four high priests of Amen.

1200 BCE would have helped spread all these diseases. Now we shall examine in the next chapters how these infectious diseases may have affected ancient history on the Mediterrean sea, Near East and Middle East, and thus change history! NOTES 1. Pearsall, I. , Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Tenth Edition, Revised (Oxford University Press, 2002) 261. 2. , Ancient History from the First Civilisations to the Renaissance (London: Duncan Baird Publishers, 2004) 69. 3. K: Grange Books, Rochester, 2002) 23.

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