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By J. Payne Smith, Jessie Payne Smith

During this significant reference device, Jessie Payne Smith has abridged the good two-volume paintings, 'Thesaurus Syriacus,' by way of her past due father. yet her activity used to be to not easily edit down the sooner, titanic tomes. She additionally supplied English translations for every access and extra notations. Her father's dictionary had translated each one Syriac observe into Latin. The Latin translations made it extra across the world obtainable; yet with the decline of using Latin, it reduced in usefulness. Her labors have insured that it keeps to profit students and scholars of Syriac.

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J~ pI. m. , f. IC. a) a dissembler, hypocrite; hypocritical. b) of good behaviour, honest, honourable. '~~1'" pI. '~ f. hypocrisy. '~rand 1~1"'pl. :f. a mattock, spade or fork. ~o~brf. J~o"~rand ~~rf. J~ spherical, round. '~~rf. sphericity. ,'::>9I»f or~f J"- pI. O''TrA~PtOP, a compress, bandage; a plo,ster, salve; chem. a paste. 9 ,.. - ,.. a balk; cognate ~. ~rf. aO''TrtS', an adder, asp, the Egyptian cobra. ; see ~t ~1'" m. the quince, the quince~tree. ' . '" I- m. O'1fVptS', a round plaited basket.

F. a stater = a shekel, a coin or weight worth four Jio~ or three silver denarii. C~r m. the handle of a sickle, tlte hilt of a sword. ~l~ J~r usually for pass. part. h. :~(" rt. a~. adv. doubly. 41: " ~l"rt. -'.......... repeatedly. a~. ' repetttzon; l,~~ ~r APHEL of ~; to bring, bring tn in many senses; see under~ . J~rrt. ~ m. cult~t'ated land. $~ and ~ rt. ~. double, twice as much,. Jhr~a~ or~? ~a~r double money; ~o·;! h(';~ he received a double portion of the Spirit,' ~(" ~iL twice as much; ~r~;r four times as much, quadruply, fourfold; ~r ~ seven times as much; JJ":":~ ~r many "'......

Jw~; "" ?. ID to make come, with ~ or acc. of the thing or person brought, with ~ or L~ of the pers. , complaint, to allege, cite, quote. g. difficulties ; with ;~ and ? of the person, to accuse; with ~ to bring upon, inflict; with ~ to bring to mind, take to heart to notice, care,. '~,a) or Id>~ to bring news, tell, P' " . d , mentwn,. to remm re late, recount,. ~ li},9 to bear, yield, bring forth fruit. Imper. ~peak, as we may say, thus for instance. }-l-"L('" to be brought, led, carried; 1001 I~L~'~~ ~ it was ca'l"l'iedhitl~er and thither; ...

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