Lev Gutman's 4 . . . Qh4 in the Scotch Game PDF

By Lev Gutman

ISBN-10: 0713486074

ISBN-13: 9780713486070

The 1st in a proposed sequence of 3 books in regards to the Scotch video game. Many books were written approximately this chess starting yet such a lot simply hide outdated research and reproduce video games from a database. This e-book is unusual via its top quality and unique research, making it a 'must purchase' merchandise for membership and match gamers. A former moment of Viktor Korchnoi, the writer can also be often called a great professional on beginning idea.

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Bxe5? Ndxf7+- game over. 57 HD - NN INTERNET 1. Bd2+/= I like Bg2. 58 HD – GM VOJNA ALEXANDER CORR , 2000 1. e4 Rd8 11. Rc2 1/2-1/2 Mutual achievements. f4 Nf6 2. Nc4 With a typical King`s Indian type position. Rad8 13. Nce5, Nxe5 14. c4 Ne8 16. Nf3 Qd7 17. Bd2 Nc7 18. Ne1 Bxg2 32. Qb2 Rc7? 38. Qb7 1-0 The game is virtuous by being deep. g3, g6 4. Bg2, Bg7 5. 0-0. -,Bg4 HD - NN INTERNET 1. Na3 Bg4 Black might play Bxf3 followed by e7-e5. 63 9. Qc2 Best by test! The Queen supports e2-e4. Qd7 10.

Supports e2-e4 from the side. Bb7 10. e4 Straight away. No time to loose. e5? e5?? Nxe5! 11. a4!? Nxe1 f5+- White has a jewel on d5. HD analysis 1. e5 White gets the typical space advantage. Nxa7? Nxd4 45 The Knight likes it on d4 +/= HD - NN INTERNET 1. Be3 Building the position like a rock. Typical Bobby Fischer strategy! Rxd8+ Nxd8 Type minor pieces endgame occurred. Nd5 31. cxb4+/= Later a draw HD - NN INTERNET 1. Qc2, d4!? 11. Rfe1 Bh3? Rxa7! 18. Bxc6+- And White will win. HD - NN INTERNET 1.

Bg2, Bg7 5. 0-0. -,Bg4 HD - NN INTERNET 1. Na3 Bg4 Black might play Bxf3 followed by e7-e5. 63 9. Qc2 Best by test! The Queen supports e2-e4. Qd7 10. d4+/= simple virtue. HD - NN INTERNET 1. Rae1+/- A true move is not difficult 64 HD - NN INTERNET 1. fxe5!?

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