Download e-book for iPad: 2 X 2 = Boo: A Set of Spooky Multiplication Stories by Loreen Leedy

By Loreen Leedy

ISBN-10: 0823412725

ISBN-13: 9780823412723

Multiplication is made frightfully enjoyable! A desk is integrated.

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Development of a mechanism to alter the gap. Assessment is “formative” when the information gathered is actually used to alter the student’s performance gap. Allal and Mottier Lopez extend this definition in their review of the French-language literature (Part III of this study) by placing a particular emphasis on how teachers organise and orchestrate learning as an important element of formative assessment. This includes: • The actions that teachers and students actually carry out to alter a learning gap or to arrive at a shared vision of learning objectives.

In 1999, the Danish Ministry’s Quality in the Folkeskole programme published a number of school self-evaluation tools on the web for schools to use at their discretion. Schools are encouraged to use these tools to assess their own performance in a formative way. In addition to looking at students’ performance, teachers are encouraged to evaluate the breadth and content of their own teaching. If teaching is limited, then formative assessments of students’ work will give a limited picture of students’ potential, so the web-based tools are intended to help teachers with this level of evaluation.

The Finnish Ministry of Education monitors the extent to which the objectives set in statutes, education policy decisions and national core curricula are achieved. The purpose of the national evaluation system is to produce information on the quality of learning outcomes. The results of these evaluations are utilised in the development of the education system and core curricula, as well as in practical teaching work. The national evaluation system also supports educational institutions and teachers in the continuous reform of education, on the one hand, and the production and dissemination of diverse, up-to-date and reliable information on the FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT – IMPROVING LEARNING IN SECONDARY CLASSROOMS – 92-64-00739-3 © OECD 2005 CHAPTER 2.

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2 X 2 = Boo: A Set of Spooky Multiplication Stories by Loreen Leedy

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