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Renaissance is French for 'rebirth', because it was partly about a revival of interest in the works of the classical world of Greece and Rome. • The Renaissance began when many people started to doubt that the Church had all the answers. • Scholars gradually developed the idea of 'humanism' - the idea that man is the focus of things, not God. • 1000 Facts on roodern History • • • •• • •••••••••••••••• • A spur to the Renaissance was the fall of Constantinople in 1453. This sent Greek scholars fleeing to Italy, where they set up academies in cities like Florence and Padua.

The first to realize it was an unknown continent was the Florentine explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who landed there in 1499. A map made in 1507 named North and South America after him. • In 1519-22, Magellan's ship Victoria sailed across the Atlantic, round the southern tip of South America, across the Pacific and back round Africa to Spain. Although this Portuguese explorer was killed in the Philippines, his crew and ship went on to complete the first round-the-world voyage. FASCINATING FACT Venetian John Cabot set out from Bristol, England in 1497and 'discovered' North America when he landed in Labrador.

The city was full of luxury shops, bars, restaurants, tea-houses and clubs where girls sang. Often, people went out to stroll in the gardens by the West Lake or lazed over long meals on the lake's scores of floating restaurants, pushed along by poles like Venetian gondolas. ' FASCINATING FACT The Song inventions gunpowder and printing had a huge influence on Europe when. they arrived there centuries later. 1412-31) was the peasant girl who led France from defeat in the Hundred Years' War and was burned at the stake for her beliefs.

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